Secrets You Need To Know Before Coloring Your Hair

If you intend to dye your hair, either at home or at the salon, it is important to pay attention to some care so that the color comes out exactly in the desired tone and to maintain the health of the hair. Care starts before coloring, begins with the health of the threads that will receive the paint or toner, going through the choice of color and even in the chemical post. Let's see 10 simple care tips you need to know before coloring your hair: For further info, click here: coconut oil before coloring hair


This point is essential to obtain a uniform and bright tone. When applying coloring to dry or porous threads , the risk of the ink not being absorbed and staining the hair is very high. If your hair is dry or damaged, it is worth following a hair schedule for at least 2 weeks before coloring.


I have already seen the indication of professionals indicating the application of vegetable oil (usually coconut) minutes before applying the coloring to the hair to protect the hair. I have never tested this method and I am afraid it will stain if the oil is not spread evenly. But one thing that works is to do hair moisturizing frequently in the weeks before the dye. Moisturizing will nourish the hair deeply, as well as helping to combat dryness and porosity and with that there is less chance of staining hair with coloring.

Don't know how to wet? I explain in detail in this post here ! It is very detailed how to do it, what oil to use and how to remove the oil from the hair.


The coloring can lighten a maximum of three tones below the base color of your hair. Also remembering that ink does not lighten ink! If your hair is very dark and the desired color is more than three shades lighter or if you have dyed hair and want to lighten, it will be necessary to bleach beforehand. The process of discoloring and coloring the strands can be very harmful to the hair, which will require twice as much care in post-coloring. If your hair health is not the best, choose colors that do not need discoloration.


Depending on the color change you want to make, you can change the paint for a toner that is less aggressive to the hair. If the intention is to cover white threads in small quantities, the toner is also an option. And if possible, prefer dyes without ammonia, as they are less aggressive than those containing ammonia.

Wash your hair 2 days before dyeing

Stay two days without washing your hair to protect your hair and scalp from irritation. Natural oils form a thin protective film against the harmful effects of tincture. If your hair is oily, just wash it for 1 day. Do not stay longer than this without using shampoo, as excess oil can be harmful to the dyeing process. Toners, on the other hand, work best on clean hair, as it does not contain ammonia they do not cause irritation.


Care begins when buying the right amount of product, it will depend on the volume and length of your hair. It is better to have more product than running out of ink halfway. It is very important to follow exactly the preparation and use guidance that comes with the product. Do not leave the ink acting longer than indicated. Apply evenly spreading the product well on the strands, this prevents stains on the hair.

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